3-ply disposable masks

Skin-friendly and breathable, a snug and tight fit.

Created by Experts

Med-E-Health is the sole distributor for ProCare.

ProCare and 3MT Solutions collaborated to design and manufacture world-class medical disposable masks. A driven dynamic South-African organisation specialising in the manufacturing of three-ply civilian, medical and surgical masks for adults and children.

Our masks are proudly South African manufactured and we are committed to producing high-quality three-ply masks, “ear loops”, “tie backs” and “N95” masks for local and export purposes. Our raw-material suppliers are local, using the utmost highest quality of polypropylene and melt-blown material.

The melt-blown material used is in excess of 95% (medical) and 99.5% (surgical) BFE. This, together with our ISO accredited manufacturing processes, ensures consistency in the production of a superb locally-produced quality product with national and international certification.

Our fully automated mask-manufacturing machines have the capability of manufacturing approximately 9 million masks per month (approx. 300,000 per day).

Our responsibilities

  • Production and delivery of high-quality masks on agreed deadlines and schedules
  • Ensuring that the quality standards are maintained
  • Ensuring that all certifications are kept up to date and current
  • Stock to be packed in shipper box 250 x 10 masks per packet

Specifications and Types

There are three types of three-ply masks:
“Ear Loop” and “Tie Back”.

TYPE 1  – 95% BFE* Medical Mask

TYPE 2 – 98.0% BFE* Surgical Medical Mask

TYPE 3 – 99.5% BFE* Surgical Medical Mask

* Bacterial Filtration Efficiency


Our medical masks has SANAS accreditation which is a performance test against the Department of Trade and Industries’ recommended guidelines for face masks.


This refers to the ease of breathing: a mask should not restrict breathing ability. In order to test breathability, an airflow reading is required.

The test requires at least a 75% permeability.

Our medical masks scored an impressive 85% permeability.

Moisture Vapour

Breathability and Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate refers to the comfort while wearing the mask and is measured by recording the moisture vapour transmission rate. An acceptable rate is set at 2500g /m2 /24 hrs.

Our medical masks scored a high 4159g / m2 / 24hrs, which by far exceeds the score needed for a manageable heat load on the face.

Particle Holdout

This refers to a minimum requirement of 75%. The test facilities used for the particle holdout results are a modified ISO 14644 method and varies from medical masks.

Our medical masks exceeded the particle holdout minimum requirements.

ISO 13485 – 2016

An International Standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organisation needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

CE Compliance

The manufactures declaration that the product meets EU Standards for health safety and environmental protection.

Sterile masks (medical)

Ultra-violet lights ensure that all masks are sterile for use in a medical environment.

Our sterilised medical masks comes in packs of 50 packs and individually packed sterilised masks.

Water Repellency

Our mask test results displayed a high levels of water repellency and good water resistance.

Our medical masks breathability and permeability are also in line with DTI recommendations.

Benefits of non-woven polypropylene (spunbond)

  • PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) from 95%
  • Super light-weight at 25gsm
  • Non-toxic
  • Lubricant free
  • Heat retardant
  • It has demonstrated durability based on tensile tests on its tear strength and UV light resistance

Benefits of using melt blown material

  • BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) from 95%
  • Super light-weight at 25gsm
  • Provides good uniformity and excellent shielding
  • Allows for perfect breathability and is non irritating

Elastic Ear Loops

These are made of soft latex-free material and ultrasonic welded onto side support strips of the mask. This prevents irritation, eliminates pressure on the ear and is durable.

Environmentally Friendly

The non-woven polypropylene used is glass free and is seen as more friendly to our environment than woven polypropylene.


Polypropylene is highly impermeable to water. In a 24-hour soak test, the material absorbs less than 0.01% of its weight in water.


Polypropylene fibres are made to repel allergens and inhibit told growth, meaning that they won’t house or release allergens into the air.

Easy Fit

The 3 pleats in the mask allow you to pull I down to cover the entire area from the top of your nose to the bottom of your chin.

Automatic Ultrasonic Bonding

The machine uses the mask material itself to form a bond, without introducing glues or adhesives to meet a wide range of medical and non-medical application requirements.

Adjustable Soft Nose Bar Strip

The nose strip can easily bend to mould the shape of anyone’s nasal bridge.

Excellent Breathability

The soft, odourless and non-irritating design allows for good ventilation.

3-Ply Kiddies Masks

  • Production of new kids size 3-ply medical and surgical ear loop masks
  • New colour variety 3-ply ear loop in production made-to-order for kids
  • Size: 14 cm × 9.5 cm
  • Anti-dust, anti-germ, anti-spray

Kiddies Hand Sanitiser

Available in 5 different colours

  • 70% waterless alcohol hand rub
  • Non-tainting
  • Suitable for sanitising instruments and working surfaces

3-Ply Adult Masks

  • New colour variety in production to order
  • Ear loop and tie back for adults in medical and surgical
  • All colours to order, including carbon, black, full black, yellow, purple, green, orange, royal blue and more

N95 Eva Pure

5-Layer Particulate Respirator

UV Treated



≥95% Bacterial Filtration efficiency

  • Locally manufactured M95 Respirator
  • Process and packaged in a controlled sterile environment
  • N95 protection level, layer-by-layer filtration to isolate pollution
  • 3D breathable space for comfortable breathing
  • Adjustable nose clip strip, no scraping and air leakage prevention
  • Skin-friendly antibacterial non-woven fabric
  • Moisture-proof and non-irritating
Brand Name Eva Pure
Material/Fabric 1st: (Outer Layer) SS Spunbond Polypropylene Non-woven outer layer Hydrophobic 50 G/M2
2nd: Melt-blown Polypropylene Non-woven 99% 30 G/M2
3rd: Polyester, Acrylic Non-woven, Hydrophobic 70 G/M2
4th: Melt-blown Polypropylene Non-woven 99% 30 G/M2
5th: SS Spunbond Polypropylene Non-woven
Filtration Efficiency ≥95%
Classification N95
Model Number 5952
Specifications EN149:2001/SANS 50149:2003
Certification Armscor, SANS, NRCS, SAHPRA
Packaging Sterilised and individually packed 20 pcs per box
Function Dustproof, Respiratory Protection, Droplet Protection, Odour Defence, Bacteria Protection

Mask Certifications

Our team has worked hard to ensure state-of-the-art facilities in Randburg, equipped with the latest technology, which ensures advantages over our competitors. ProCare not only acquired certifications for the products but also for the processes. The table below reflects ProCare Medical Mask’s accomplishments and acknowledgments.

ISO 13485 Certification
CE Compliance Certification
SANS 1866 Certification
SANAS Certification
SABS Certification
Proudly South African Certification
Level 1 BEE Certification
NAPPI Code 1064426001
9 Bar Code for all products
100% Manufactured in South Africa


Manufacturing Facility

Our high-tech sterile facility is of the highest grade and uses the latest technologies. We are constantly expanding to meet the high demands of the local and international market. This is an inside look of our ISO-certified facilities and sample pictures of the superior quality 3-ply mask we manufacture.