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Respiratory Health

KURAFLO will help you Breathe Better with our range of respiratory products. Our natural hypertonic saline, developed by a leading Ear, Nose and Throat specialist (ENT)*, is suitable for the whole family.

Hypertonic saline has a higher salt concentration than regular isotonic saline and is clinically proven to be more effective at cleansing the airways of mucus, germs and allergens.

Kuraflo 3% Hypertonic Nebulising Solution

Ready-to-use and sterile.
Safe for ALL ages.

Available in 50ml or 1L

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Kuraflo 3% Hypertonic Adult Nasal Spray

3% for children over 12 years and adults.

Available in 30ml

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Kuraflo 1.5% Hypertonic Paediatric Nasal Spray

1.5% for infants and children under 12 years*.

Available in 30ml

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Kuraflo Concentrated Hypertonic Nasal Rinse

Dilute at either 3% or 1.5%.
Comes with an easy to dilute rinse bottle.

Available in 250ml or 1L

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Nebulising Devices

Med-e-Health brings you a wide range of the best technology nebulising devices for consumer (home) and professional (doctor/hospital) use.

Kuraflo Handheld Mesh Nebuliser

Mesh Technology. Silent and portable. USB and rechargeable batteries included.

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Nebulising Machine

Aerosol therapy for targeted treatments of different respiratory tracts. Soft-touch adult and child masks included.

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Pulmo Waves

Heavy-duty nebuliser system for professional use. A non-invasive device for respiratory physiotherapy.

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Rhino Clear Sprint

A portable nasal wash that is effective, comfortable and suitable for both adults and children.

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Asthma Devices

Help manage your asthma more effectively with our Smartphone sensor technology. Detect your asthma before you can feel it.

Smart Peak Flow

Asthma Control in your pocket – helps manage asthma more effectively using Smartphone technology.

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* Use KURAFLO Paediatric Nasal Spray for infants and children. Consult a physician for children under 6 months. Safe for pregnant women. To use KURAFLO Nebulising Solution, you need a nebuliser. Individual results may vary.