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Improve general health with natural hemp extracts.

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Holistic Health

Feel better with REAKIRO products formulated to improve your general health, sleep and relaxation. Make your daily intake of the highest quality cannabinoids as convenient as possible with REAKIRO’s easy delivery methods: from capsules and vaping liquids to sublingual pastes.

Available from selected Dis-chem, Clicks and community pharmacies.

Reakiro Cannabinoid Oil

Non-psychoactive CBD oil supplement

10 ml
(300, 500, 1000 and 1500 mg available)

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Reakiro Cannabinoid

Non-psychoactive CBD vape juice

500 mg

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Reakiro Cannabinoid Capsules

Non-psychoactive CBD capsules

30 Soft Gel Capsules
(300 mg)

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Reakiro Raw Hemp Extract

Non-psychoactive CBD extract in syringe delivery

10 ml
(10 and 1000 mg CBD syringes available)

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