Breathe better.
Feel better.
Live better.

Natural health products designed for you.

Breathe Better

Blocked nose, constant nasal congestion, asthma, bronchitis, a dry cough or any nasal or lung problems?

They all have one thing in common–they make it harder for you to breathe.

With a hypertonic saline range, nebulising machines, asthma meter and even respiratory physiotherapy machine, Med-e-Health strive to give you only the best products and devices that focus on the different areas in your airways.

Breathe Better Products

Feel Better

Feel better by looking after yourself, your body and your skin.

Many people suffer from skin infections or irritations. If you love the outdoors, then sun burn, insect or mosquito bites and cuts or abrasions are a part of your daily life.

Kuraflo Skin Healing cream is the daily cream you can carry in your pocket wherever you go to help your skin Feel Better.

Feel Better Products

Live Better

Boost your immune system when fighting viruses and infections.

With the right combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs boost your immune system to work optimally.

If you are in need of a high-potency formula rich in antioxidants, try our Kuraflo Immune Booster.

Live Better Products

Ask Your Pharmacist for Med-e-Health Products

Find MED-E-HEALTH products like MED-E-MUNE, KURAFLO and REAKIRO at selected Clicks, Dis-chem and most community pharmacies. If they do not have it, ask them to order from their wholesaler. We know you will love our amazing products.

And selected independent pharmacies.